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Having stayed at over 30 Islands for over 30 years, Jack still loves to visit the Caribbean and recommend specific destinations and hotels for his friends and clients to facilitate an enjoyable experience.

"Even though I visit the Caribbean often, it still feels like a new adventure with every arrival; there is always something exciting to learn, interesting people to befriend, and new beaches to discover."

Jack started in travel part-time over 30 years ago before founding Casual Travel & Tours years later as a wholesale and retail Caribbean specializing agency. Since St. Maarten/St. Martin was always the biggest part of his business, Jack created the agency division St. Maarten - St. Martin Hotel Reservation Service over 10 years ago. "I wanted to use this name in trade to convey my intense knowledge of this single Island and emphasize the many features the two cultures had to offer."

Having developed many proprietary contacts with hoteliers, restaurant owners, car rental firms, airlines etc, it was only natural to represent these products and services on the internet with web expertise from his son, John. Starting over 10 years ago, their site - "Mr. St. Martin" - MrStM.com was created with the Island's first Virtual Tour. "Since the Island was advertised by 'word of mouth' in it's early stages of tourism growth, it was only natural that the 'word' could travel faster and farther on the Internet." So please visit our many related sites; explore, learn, decide ... and ... "Enjoy !!"

Jack aka "Mr. St. Martin"

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